Eichelberger Farms Inc. is a food producer.  We produce pork which helps feed people all around the world.  We are a farrow-to-finish producer, meaning we start with the mother sows which give birth to piglets, then raise those pigs until they are ready for market.  While most of our sow farms are in southeast Iowa, we also have farms in Missouri and Illinois.   

Once the piglets are weaned from their mothers, they are taken to finishing barns to be raised until they are ready for market.  The finishing barns are owned by independent farmers under contract with Eichelberger Farms to raise the pigs.  While in the finishers, we will provide all the feed and any guidance needed.  When they have reached market weight, we pick them up and deliver them to the processing plant.  

To assist in accomplishing this, we have two subsidiary companies – Eichelberger Milling, Inc. and Eichelberger Transportation, LLC.  Eichelberger Milling produces feed for all the sow farms and finishers within a 40 mile radius of Wayland.  All the corn needed to produce this feed is sourced from local producers.  The feed for the sites outside of the delivery range of Wayland is purchased from various outside mills.  Eichelberger Transportation provides delivery of the feed as well as transport of the weaned piglets to the finishers and the market hogs to the processing plant.

Pursuing Pork PerfectionThe Triumph story

In 2003, Eichelberger Farms joined with several other pork producers to form Triumph Foods.  The goal was to form an integrated business model, where the owners are involved in the entire food process – from farm to fork.  The company opened its processing facility in St. Joseph, Missouri in 2006, and now processes in excess of 6 million pigs each year and employs over 2,800 people.  The pork produced by Triumph Foods is marketed through an agreement with Seaboard Foods.  Some of the pork is further processed and sold through Daily’s Premium Meats, which is jointly owned by Triumph Foods and Seaboard Foods.  

Triumph Foods and Seaboard Foods furthered their partnership by creating a new pork processing plant in Sioux City, Iowa.  This new plant, called Seaboard Triumph Foods, or STF, began operations in the fall of 2017.   The unique partnership allows the members to have control over all stages of production in a system that is processing an unprecedented volume of pork and serving more customers than ever before.  To ensure we deliver the highest quality products to our customers around the world, it was important to operate with one shared vision across this connected system. 

“Pursuing Pork Perfection” is the result of this shared vision. Pursuing Pork Perfection (PPP) is designed to unify employees throughout the entire system, and keep us all focused on the same goal of producing the most sought-after pork possible.  The 3-arrowed logo was developed to create a common element that can be incorporated into each of the separate entities making up the STF system.    

The Pursuing Pork Perfection initiative also created a shared Mission and Vision that highlights the potential we can achieve when we recognize and combine our strengths. Collectively, our efficient processing and quality products generate sustainable value – not just for ourselves, but more important, for our customers.   

PPP Shared Mission  
We relentlessly seek a better way to produce wholesome pork by purposefully connecting every step between our farms and family tables around the world. This is how we ensure the well-being of our animals, the environment, our employees and the communities we call home.  

PPP Shared Vision
To harness the competitive advantage of our uniquely connected food system to create the most sought-after pork products for our diverse global consumers.