Business/Accounting Internship

This internship offers students the ability to learn about the business and accounting side of pork production.  Time is spent in the various areas of our accounting department.   These areas include market hog performance reporting, sow farm production data, accounts payable, accounts receivable, grain accounting, financial preparation, commodity hedging, and other general ledger functions.  Exposure to other office administrative duties is also obtained.

Vet Internship

Summer internships and 1-3 week preceptorships are provided to veterinary students interested in swine medicine.  The internship provides training in diagnostic sample collection, result interpretation, and treatment and vaccine protocols development.  We also provide opportunities to understand all aspects of swine production including sow farm and wean-to-finish production, accounting, and marketing.  Summer interns will help design and perform a project to solve challenges that can help improve animal health and production. 



Production Internship

Summer production internships are available for students interested in a career in pork production.  They will have a chance to observe and assist with sow farm production, finishing production, and farm audits.  As time and interest allows, they will also be exposed to various other business departments such as feed milling, transportation, and administration.  The goal of this internship is to give a students a broad overview of pork production.