Our Pigs

Here at Eichelberger Farms our pigs are very well cared for.  Our strict bio-security protocols, conscientious use of antibiotics, and high standards of animal welfare allow us to ensure the well-being of our pigs.  Our pigs start off on our sow farms in the gestation and farrowing buildings.  Advancing technology has led our sow farms to be able to vaccinate with needle-free machines, as well as keep track of data on handheld computers.  When our pigs leave the sow farm they are transferred to a wean-to-finish building where they will be cared for until they go to market.  Our pigs also help to create a sustainable environment through nutrient management by applying their manure onto fields to fertilize the soil.  It is by constantly caring for our pigs, and looking for new and better ways to do things, that Eichelberger Farms is able to produce quality assured pork to help feed the world.