It is the hard work and dedication of our wonderful employees that makes our company so successful.  In order to create safe, delicious food for the world, it requires people working in the pig barns to help breed sows, to assist in the farrowing process, and to care for the piglets and their moms.  But it requires so much more than that.  It requires people to weld feeders, drive semis delivering feed or pigs, wash the trailers, enter and pay bills, mow the grass, manufacture the feed, and the list goes on and on.  Simply put, we would not be where we are today without our people. 

We put considerable time, energy, and investment into keeping our people safe.  Working with live animals can create unique circumstances of which we all must be aware.  We have developed many standard operating procedures for our people to use which will help keep them, as well as the animals, safe from injury.  We provide all necessary personal protective equipment, and the training on how and when to use them.  We also provide a quarterly bonus based on safety.

We have monthly safety meetings for all employees at our office which cover a different topic each time.  The sow farm employees have an additional on-site safety meeting each month to discuss issues specific to their work environment. 

The well-being of our employees is not just something to be concerned about while at work.  For any issues that may arise in their personal lives, we offer an Employee Assistance Program (EAP), which is offered through a third-party provider.  Employees may call the EAP for assistance with almost any issue they might have, such as depression, financial issues, legal issues, divorce, abuse, etc.  Services are offered free of charge.