Android Data Entry

On our sow farms, keeping detailed records of events is crucial.  It is important to know when a sow is bred so we know when she will be due to farrow.  It is also important to keep track of other information, such as how many piglets she gives birth to each time, and how old the piglets are when they are weaned.  In the past, this information was handwritten on paper and sent to the office where it was keyed into a computer.  Now, the sow farms have handheld computers where the information is keyed directly into the computer and uploaded to the server in the office.  In order to help eliminate keying errors, the devices have a barcode scanner which is used to scan the sow’s id from her sow card, which is hanging next to her at all times.

Needle-free machine

To ensure the new-born piglets get a healthy start in life, they are given vaccinations to prevent illnesses.  While this used to be done with a syringe and small needle, we have transitioned to using needle-free machines.  The vaccine is inserted into the pig by using compressed air.  This new system has many advantages over the traditional syringe and needle.  The tissue trauma caused when a needle in inserted into the pig is eliminated, as is the potential of spreading disease from one pig to another.  The risk of a broken needle being stuck inside of an animal is also no longer an issue.  Automatic injection ensures that the dosage is correct every time, and the broad dispersion of the vaccine provides for better absorption.  This technology has so many advantages that you may even see this system used for human vaccinations in the near future.